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Kids Sizing Chart


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To determine your child’s shoe size, please follow these steps:


- Print this page and check accuracy with a credit card (be sure printing options are not set to “fit the page”)
- Have your child stand up with his/her heel just touching the bottom line
- Firmly ask to cease all toe­wiggling activities
- Quickly trace a line when you get half a chance
- Breathe and repeat with other foot (yes there can be a difference between the 2).­ Opt for the size that fits the largest foot
- If results are between 2 sizes, go for the next full size up.

Shoe size conversions vary by brand and we DO run large. Please, do the measurements and save ourselves and the planet that extra shipping. We would love to keep our shipping free and are conscious about our eco-footprint































 If you can't print this or want more information on measurements and conversions, please check the chart below:

Size chart George & Georgette

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