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      George & Georgette in first Time Parent      George & Georgette L'avenir

George & Georgette Le Vif  George & Georgette in Arizon Foothills Magazine

George & Georgette in La CapitaleGeorge & Georgette the Bulletin

  George & Georgette in French MorningGeorge & Georgette in Trends & Tendances

Blogs & Reviews


The Mommy Diaries (UK)                                                    Africa's Blog

George & Georgette Review by The Mommy Diaries        George & Georgette Review Africasblog

Stressed And Blessed Mama                                         The Happening Housewife

George & Georgette Review Stressedandblessedmama     George & Georgette Review by The Happening Housewife 

The Mama Journey                                                              CoolMomPicks

George & Georgette Review The Mama Journey Cool Mom Picks George & Georgette

Momma's Little Reviews                                             Theresa's Reviews

George & Georgette ReviewGeorge & George Theresa's Reviews

2 Blonde Mamas

George & Georgette in 2blondemamas