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How free is the shipping?

Nul, zero, nada, rien. Shipping is always free for orders to all 50 US states. Returns are zero dollar too! c'est CADEAU

How to return a product? Check here 

How long till I receive my order?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail, delivery takes 1 to 3 business days! Orders placed before noon (Eastern Time) ship the same day.

Are they available in retail stores?

No, our shoes are only available online through this website and on Amazon  

How do I best pick the right size?

Printout, charts and conversions here

What sizes are available?

From US Toddler #5 up to Little Kids #12

Who's George & Georgette?

George is the left shoe, he’s yang, Walloon, and is like a beer in a hot summer. 

Georgette is the right shoe, she’s Yin, Dutch, and is convinced to be the best looking one.

Are they made in Leather?

Nope, it is PU, (Poly) Synthetic Leather. Man made material that looks and feels like Genuine Leather but in fact is not. PU doesn't come from animals, it looks fantastic and is cheaper than leather. For growing kids that don't wear shoes very long, this is one good option! It's very flexible and easily cleaned. It will not last long when used often though. 

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once your order has been placed, it goes fast into the process and we can't promise we'll go as far as running behind the USPS truck but we will always see what we can do. So try your luck and email us at with subject line: CANCEL/ CHANGE MY ORDER"  

How can I follow my package?

We will send you a notification email with a tracking number once your order is out for shipping. 

What is the quality of these shoes and where do they come from?

We are very proud of our partnering manufacture in Dongguan City (Guangdong Province), China. Stereotypes about Chinese manufactures with awful work conditions or employing kids are long gone but still, we can see people frowning at China's manufactures. It took us months to pick the right one and trust us, they have been tested and retested with our requirements. We have traveled there and met them, we shared Chinese food and Belgian chocolates all together that sweetened some deals. This has not been a smooth road and yes we do have some small quality hiccups. There are some color transfers on white PU with the velcro fasteners (as well as from the inside lining to your socks sometimes!). This is why some pairs are discounted while waiting on the new round of production. We are a startup with its own road to perfect products, we're almost there so hang on!

How to care for these beautiful shoes?

They are easily cleanable with just water and a clean cloth. You can use gentle soap for stains.

Contact us at, we will get back to you within 24 hours excluding holidays and weekends.


Restrictions Clarifications:

George & Georgette are off on weekends and your basic holidays. Our dear USPS is closed on its published schedule. When we or they are closed, that's not a "day". If you forgot to buy your kid or niece a pair for a very important day and things are looking tight, contact us so we can tell you if you'll make it or not. You can reach us at